About Matt Hoss

Matt started Stand-up comedy when he was 19 years old in a vegetarian restaurant. He accidentally swore profusely to a small boy to close his first 5 minutes. The rest of his career is summed up with that metaphor.  Matt has been performing comedy for a long-time and it is his passion.

Matt is currently doing his second hour long show called: 100 Acts Of Morality.  It's a show about trying to become the most moral person ever and trying to save my own life in 2016. It's a lovely show. Check out his dates to see his next performance.  

Matt currently hosts his second podcast, called The Drunken Comedian Podcast in which he gets drunk with a comedian and interviews them. It's fun, honest and endearing. Grab a pint and listen to it on Itunes and Acast. Guests include Laura Lexx, Howard Read and Stuart Goldsmith.

Matt also produces A History Of Comedy In Several Objects Podcast in which Doctor Oliver Double and archivist Elspeth Millar discuss the history of comedy from the objects found from the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive. Guests include Richard Herring, Josie Long and Mark Thomas.

Matt also run his own chain of Vegan Comedy night called VIVA LAS VEGANS which vegan comedians perform in a vegan restaurant. First night is 3rd Aug in Canterbury. See poster at the bottom for details

Whilst mainly doing stand-up Matt has been a part of a musical double act called The Lock Hoss Monster, run his own sketch show company called Hosstages. Matt used to run his own comedy club called Toys In The Attic, and many others in Canterbury and others in Kent. . 

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