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Welcome to Miffs. We're a weekly comedy podcast which retells and ranks individual ancient myths. It's hosted by the cunning Matt Hoss and the impeccable Dan Rhodes. 

Below you can listen to some of our more recent episodes.

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Please follow us on @MiffsPodcast on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any queries or you would like to get involved  - please email us at MiffsPodcast@gmail.com. We'd live to hear what Miffs you'd like us to cover. And please share with your friends.


I've started my own chain of Vegan Comedy night called VIVA LAS VEGANS which vegan comedians perform in a vegan restaurant. The first night is 3rd August 2017 in Canterbury (Conquest House)

Welcome to Viva Las Vegans, the first ever Vegan Stand-up Comedy Club, based in Canterbury. All the comedians are vegans and are here to entertain you whilst passively promoting the ideals of veganism (though they won't just be talking about veganism). This comedy night is supported by Kent Vegan Festival.

On the bill we have a sterling list of professional vegan comedians, featuring, Matt Adlington, Paul Ashwell and your headliner: Star of the BBC Asian Network: Ishi Kahn-Jackson

Praise for Ishi: 
"Energetic! Charming! Full of positivity!” Female arts
“Engaging Raconteur!” Three Weeks
“Side splitting! Rib tickling!” Loughborough Echo

And holding the night together, is the charming and "Fan Favourite" Matt Hoss as your MC. 

This is taking place at Canterbury's beautfiful Conquest House on the 3rd August. 

Tickets are limited, you buy them whilst you can. They are £8 in advance/ £10 on the door. You can buy them at Conquest House, either in person or over the telephone 01227 472953. You will be able to purchase tickets online (however service is not available just yet). 

Door open: 7.30pm
Event finishes 10pm (may run a little over). 

So come along and experience a very unique vegan comedy experience on 3rd August, with some of the funniest comedians on the circuit. You'll "leaf" with a smile on your face!

The News Bumperpack - March 2017

Hello my dear Hossites, 

I've been meaning to put some news out for a while. The last couple of months there has been lots of really interesting things. Well, I say 'interesting' things - more of things which can be of interest if you have niche desires (if you are fan of me - you obviously do have niche desires). 


My new hour long show. The 100 Acts of Morality and Kindness is a show about trying to change the world and seeing the impact of one person. It's a show about trying to become the most moral person in the world by drastically changing my life in 100 seperate acts.
Imagine a show which is partly Josie Long, Mark Thomas and with a sprinkling of Richard Herring with a side order of Dave Gorman. It's different for what I usually do. 

So far I've done a couple of previews and surprisingly - it's a really good show. It sounds egotistical as I have made it - but it's taken me by surprise how far it has come already (and it's march). I'm pretty proud of it and it's seem to have gotten some pretty positive reviews so far.  I was planning to take this show to Edinburgh, but currently i don't have a venue. But I am booked to do some festivals ALL OVER the UK. Please come along and support me at these great comedy shows. Please check them out. 

23rd March - 7.15pm start. LIberte Bar, Glasgow. £3
BONUS: 24th March  I'm doing last year's show for a final time: Vegetari-Man. Liberte, Glasgow, 7.15 start. £4.

1st April (haha) - 7.15pm start. The Bluecat, Rotherham - FREE!

4th April - 8pm start, The Victoria, Swindon- Pay what you want. 

16th June - 8.45pm Start, Pump House, Hastings (Old Town). Pay what you want.
17th June -  7.30pm start - Jenny Lind, Hastings (Old Town), PWYW

There will be more - but please check out my twitter and facebook pages for updates.

The Drunken Comedian Podcast


I have started a brand new podcast - called the The Drunken Comedian Podcast. It is where I interview comedians when we are both drunk and I edit it the following day with a hangover. It's really good fun. The first episode is with Stuart Goldsmith and episode 2 is with Revan and Fennell. There is a new feature called Caffeinated Comedian, for acts who didn't have time for alcohol/ did not drink which are bonus podcasts.

You can download them from Itunes and podbean. They are really good fun, so i'd recommend them to you. Please review them on Itunes please. I'd appreciate it  


Future TITA shows with great professionals. Come down to The Jolly Sailor in Canterbury to see these: 

14th April 2017 - With Tom Houghton (From The Noise Next Door) 
24th May 2017 - With Ben Van Der Valde and Grainne Maguire
15th June 2017 - WIth Archie Maddocks and Tiernan Douieb

Tickets are only £3. I really need support on these. The audiences we have are lovely, but the more audiences we can get in to these gigs, means I can keep on putting on these great nights. If I don't have the people coming in, I may have to end it. Support live comedy (and my car maintenance). 


Thanks for reading and feel free to message me on Social media if you have any questions or queries about anything. 

Also if you want to get involved with my comedy show- let me know. Use the contact form on my website and mention "Secret project" to get involved. Definitely not a cult.

Lots of love,

Matt Hoss






Wheelbarrow Town

In May 2016, I worked alongside some amazing comedians in a brand new comedy web series called Wheelbarrow Town. It was created and written mostly by Danny Ward and Mark Simmons. There are many fantastic hilarious comedians in this series and they all have a great performance. I would love to invite you to come and watch my episode where I worked along side Maddy Willis. 

Filming it was one of the funniest weeks of my life. 

The series really speaks for itself; the episodes are only 10ish mins each so you watch a lot quite fast. I'd recommend it all to you, but please watch like and enjoy. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed being in it. 

Also bonus points to see if you can see my cameo in a later episode. 


All new Toys In The Attic

Toys In The Attic is back.

Toys In The Attic - The Jolly Sailor 7.30pm - £5. 
30th September, 18th November, 9th December- Canterbury, Kent.

What is Toys In The Attic you may ask? 
Is it an Aerosmith record? NO. 
Is it a Plane? NO.
Is it connected to George Michael in anyway. PROBABLY NOT.

Toys in the Attic is my self-made gig running at the intimate fringe venue of The Jolly Sailor in the heart of Canterbury. It takes in the upstairs room. I book the acts, organise the gig and Mc the gig all by myself. It is a testament to what I put into comedy. It is one of my favourite gigs of all time and I'm doing THREE MORE DATES in 2016. 

These gigs are special to me and I would love to share it with you. The dates are above and below with three great headliners. I would love to invite you along. If you could join the facebook group, like the Toys IN the Attic fanpage and keep up to date with these gigs it would be massive appreciated. C

On September 30th: we have the fantastic ARCHIE MADDOCKS! 
On November 18th: we have the sharpshooting NIGEL NG! 
On December 9th: we have the exquisite CAROLINE MABEY! 

The gig costs £5- but for Mattfans, it is only £1. Say "Chimpster" to me on the door and you can get in for cheap. If you can't make it but want to support, please share the facebook events and like our events. Thank you

Join us on our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/501798103302325/

Like our page:https://www.facebook.com/Toys-In-The-Attic-586812701457182/?fref=ts

Click attending on our  first Event:http:// https://www.facebook.com/events/1758273487763973/l.

See you soon,
Matt The Hoss




Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Hello all, 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it. I feel like a proper comedian. 
So this is a quick heads up at my time up at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 starting tomorrow! I'm up between 15th-19th. I would have liked to have done the full run, but I'm currently doing my MA dissertation (How is my dissertation going? Imagine a burning building. Like that). However, I have spectacular news. 

I have been  booked at last-minute to perform 30 mins of my show 'Vegetari-Man' at C-Soco at Ibis on the 15th, 16th and 18th at 8pm. 
It is in a little marquee, behind the Ibis hotel on Chambers street. The alley is RIGHT NEXT TO Adam House (C Main) on Chambers street. It's very central. 

Essentially, I need an audience - so if you are in Edinburgh or know anyone that is there, if you could let them know that I'm there - it would be massively helpful. It's a free show (but you can donate what you like - by which  I mean £20 per minute). Seriously,= though, if you could let one person know, I'd be greatly thankful. 

That's not all: I'm performing a but-loads of gigs in Edinburgh, some Open mics, some with Professionals. I'm doing a variety of different sets, so come and check them out. Most of them are on my website, but I'm also too lazy to update them up. So you can either find my gigs on

Or you can tweet at me @matthosscomedy to ask me when and where. 

I'll also be releasing a daily Edinburgh Fringe Blog- check it out when it comes out. I'm doing about 25 gigs in 5 days. I'm going to be shattered. 

Thanks a bunch and wish me luck! 

Matt Hoss




Hello and welcome to my special new page!

Well isn't this really exciting my first ever news thingy! That's great. Nothing much to report. My life is good and I'm happy. This is really just checking that this function works on my website. You are probably only reading this if you are an obsessive or you are my mum. They aren't mutually exclusive. Erm.  Come and see one of my shows. 
That is all.