All new Toys In The Attic

Toys In The Attic is back.

Toys In The Attic - The Jolly Sailor 7.30pm - £5. 
30th September, 18th November, 9th December- Canterbury, Kent.

What is Toys In The Attic you may ask? 
Is it an Aerosmith record? NO. 
Is it a Plane? NO.
Is it connected to George Michael in anyway. PROBABLY NOT.

Toys in the Attic is my self-made gig running at the intimate fringe venue of The Jolly Sailor in the heart of Canterbury. It takes in the upstairs room. I book the acts, organise the gig and Mc the gig all by myself. It is a testament to what I put into comedy. It is one of my favourite gigs of all time and I'm doing THREE MORE DATES in 2016. 

These gigs are special to me and I would love to share it with you. The dates are above and below with three great headliners. I would love to invite you along. If you could join the facebook group, like the Toys IN the Attic fanpage and keep up to date with these gigs it would be massive appreciated. C

On September 30th: we have the fantastic ARCHIE MADDOCKS! 
On November 18th: we have the sharpshooting NIGEL NG! 
On December 9th: we have the exquisite CAROLINE MABEY! 

The gig costs £5- but for Mattfans, it is only £1. Say "Chimpster" to me on the door and you can get in for cheap. If you can't make it but want to support, please share the facebook events and like our events. Thank you

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See you soon,
Matt The Hoss