Past Projects

Here is a virtual graveyard for projects that I have performed, produced or participated in, which are no longer running. 


Vegetari-man (2016)

My debut comedy hour about my transition to Vegetariansm. It's a unique show and of it's time. Already. Catch it whilst you can. [EDIT- you can't].

Matt’s cringe-worthy turn to vegetarianism has agitated everyone: from his overly-masculine flatmates to his northern beef-farming family. This pioneering stand-up comedy show looks at Matt’s new found life choice at being both a vegetarian and trying to be masculine at the same time. Matt will put the LAD into salad. Looking at famous vegetarians, unforgiving parents and what it means to be a man, Matt Hoss describes his uniquely awkward voyage through vegetarianism. Suitable for vegetarians.

Performed at: IYAF 2016, Hastings Comedy Fringe Festival, Swindon Fringe Festival.



Gig Antic with Matt Hoss

 An analytical podcast where I analyse every gig in detail in 2016. It's like ComComPod's waffle but for every gig. 

I've deleted every trace of it from human existence. It was good and helpful but I have no idea why anyone would listen to it. However, if you are creepy or interested, I can personally send you the 40 episodes which spans the course of 2016. One of the worst things to happen in 2016. 


Vegetari-Man Podcast

Vegetari-Man Podcast