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Toys In The Attic: Tiernan Douieb and Archie Maddocks

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Welcome to the final Toys In The Attic. Canterbury's long-running Stand-up comedy club. We are going out with a big with two amazing previews by two legendary comedians: Tiernan Douieb with "Miserably Happy" and Archie Maddocks ' "IlluminArchie". 

They are doing their Edinburgh Fringe previews - so you can see an early draft of their show for incredibly cheap (£3 a ticket for two shows). Absolute bargain! (In Edinburgh, price of a normal ticket is about £15 per show). This is all taking place at The Jolly Sailor on 15th June at 7.30pm sharp. Don't miss out.

About the show and acts:

Tiernan Douieb: Miserably Happy

‘Very friendly but fiercely political’ *(Time Out)* comedian Tiernan Douieb considers if ignorance is indeed bliss, and if so, surely he shouldn't know that. Tiernan tries to work out what anyone actually wants anymore, what being civilised actually means and whether or not he’ll ever be able to persuade his wife to like raw tomatoes. A new hour of political gags and nonsense musings from ‘Opinionated yet likeable’ (The Guardian) Douieb.

“It’s a really lovely show, really good. A really good show.” – Mark Thomas

“The show is funny, but more than that it’s interesting and, actually, a little bit life-affirming.” **** – Giggle Beats
‘gets the juxtaposition between heavy context and winning punchlines right when it is most needed‘ – Festmag
‘Opinionated yet likeable’ – The Guardian
‘Very funny but fiercely political’ – Time Out

Archie Maddocks: IlluminArchie

IlluminArchie* is the hilarious new show by living-legend, “super cool, super smart storyteller” (Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard) Award winning comedian, Archie Maddocks. In the past, he's been described as “poignant, inventive and razor-sharp” (Broadway Baby) and having "a corking, almost cinematic story" (Chortle). Join Archie for his new show, which looks at, but is not limited to: how he wishes someone would take control of his life so he didn’t have to, his hope that there’s a secret society controlling his future, an accidentally racist girlfriend, a killer doughnut and an incident with a monkey.

*Facts about IlluminArchie - 
1: When he was born, the nurse slapped herself and thanked him.
2: He can hear colours, orange pisses him off and don’t even start on purple.
3: He once farted with such power that it started the infamous East Anglian earthquake of 2007. 
4: Darkness is afraid of him.
5: IlluminArchie doesn’t walk, the earth moves beneath him.

** None of these are true. This is why someone should take control of his life.

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