THE MATT HOSS CORNER (#Funny Rabbit Fanzine - Issue 1)

HEY! It’s Matt Hoss here. I run a comedy club and podcast called Funny Rabbit at the Gulbenkian. It’s supposed to be a club with heart and based around the community. Every month there is a fanzine with some content. I write the Matt Hoss Corner where I give you 300 words of recommendations and other stuff. Nice and daft. This is fanzine is the heart of NO ONE ASKED ME TO WRITE THIS because it’s just the shit that flies in my head. Enjoy part one!

THE MATT HOSS CORNER (#Funny Rabbit Fanzine - Issue 1)
I’m Matt Hoss, I’m comedian and co-founder of Funny Rabbit. Every month, I’ll be giving you suggestions, tips and some awful puns. Tweet me @MattHossComedy to let me know what you think.


One of my all-time favourite albums. Worry is Jeff Rosenstock’s second solo album and it’s a masterpiece. The album discusses, getting older, trying to live up to other’s ideas of success, gentrification and general world-weariness. The music blends perfectly with the lyrics. It has a range of punky sounds, raw emotions and incisive lyrics. It’s the only album I’ve started playing again as soon as it finished.

BOOK: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – Michelle McNamara (2018)

 A True Crime book about The Golden State Killer. Not for the faint-hearted. A genuinely gripping and scary book, but it also tells the sad tale of the late author who died in 2016. It looks at her obsession hunt for the truth. I’d recommend the audiobook. This book aided in helping the killer’s capture.

PODCAST:  Off Menu  - James Acaster & Ed Gamble

Obviously you should be checking out MIFFS podcast as well as the others by me #ShamelessPlug. But I recently started listening to Acaster and Gamble’s Off Menu. It’s simple – interview a person about their perfect meal. It’s really funny with a high calibre of guests.

(Matt Hoss’ Quickfire Hot Tips):

Matt’s Chord Of The Month:   G

Matt’s Pasta type of the month: Farfelle (the bow-shaped one)

Matt’s Element of Periodic Table Of the Month: Radon (Rn 86/222)

Pasta Pete says: “You should cook your date some tubes of typical pasta for Valentine’s day. You should make exactly 453.592 Grams. In for a Penne, in for a Pound. Ha.”